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10 of the most inspiring videos of pop history

According to me, of course.

10. Kanye West - Runaway

On my opinion this video represents the precision in making video. Not a detail is overlooked: from the location to the make up and the constumes.


9. Guns N’ Roses - November Rain

A piece of art. Aside from the story, I appreciate some edgy details like the wedding dress of the girl and Slash’s guitar solo into the “desert”.


8. Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

The actual scenery of pop wouln’t be the same without this. We wouldn’t have plenty of pop star (some of wich are into this top 10 too) right now if Britney would have not screamed to the world: “I’m a young girl who wants to have fun and dance”.


7. Queen - I Want To Break Free

Nothing would have described better the “break free” concept than a Freddie Mercury in a women trashy-outfit and with mustache. Absolutely the funniest ever.


6. Grace Jones - Love Is The Drug

A visionary pop-art manifesto and a solid tribute to the visual art of 20th century. It certainly is an inspiration to other pop singers like Rihanna and Lady Gaga.


5. Björk - All is Full of Love

Oxymoronic cumbination of technology and world of Love. This work shows the real meaning of the song: the feeling of love seems to pervade every second of the video, and everybody can feel it.


4. Beyoncè - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Three women (or should I say “Ladies”?), one shot, one brilliantly built coreography. Beyoncè definately knows how to give birth to a pattern of movements and gestures meant to support the proudly yelled anthem in this song.


3. Madonna - Vogue

Flawless, nothing to add. Madonna is like perfection in this work. I appreciate the black and white, the ancient Greek background shown by some details and the contrast between her hair (and makeup) and her manly outfit.


2. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Like a kick in the ass (of the world of fashion) Lady Gaga pushes the boundaries like no one did before. It might be merit of the help of Alexander McQueen’s stunning Plato’s Atlantis pieces worn by Gaga, but it’s surely also merit of the monstrification of herself (and of the theme of love) she builds in this work. Pure inspiration, crazy mind.


1. Michael Jackson - Thriller

THE pop music video. The very first remarkable mini-movie of all time, quite well acted and engaging like no others.


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